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CCtv Security

As a reliable and professional CCTV service provider, we specialize in offering top-quality surveillance systems

Empowering Surveillance solutions for unmatched protection

Experience enhanced security with SC HD cloud video surveillance solutions. Whether in dimly lit office hallways or sunlit lobbies, our advanced technology captures every detail, ensuring crystal-clear visibility. Discover how our surveillance solutions can safeguard your building, offering seamless monitoring, management, storage, and sharing of HD video footage through the power of the cloud.

Protect your valuable assets and ensure employee safety with SC. From office buildings to business parks, our comprehensive solutions and extensive experience combat vandalism and theft. Discover the potential of our award-winning cloud video surveillance platform and witness its unparalleled benefits for your company.

We offer surveillance options that can easily adapt and expand to meet your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

At SC, we take pride in offering an extensive collection of cameras from multiple leading brands in the market. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, we have an array of camera options that cater to all your needs. We believe in providing our customers with only the best products, which is why we source our inventory from the top vendors in the industry.

Quickly Resolve Incidents

When something bad happens, it's important to be quick to act. SC has tools to help, like really clear cameras, sharing on phones, maps of where the cameras are, and alerts that go off automatically. These tools can help people respond faster when something bad is happening.

Irrefutable Evidence

SC Open HD offers top-of-the-line, competitively priced camera systems that use advanced technology for high-definition footage and facial recognition. Our quality solutions provide unparalleled security and aid in law enforcement efforts to ensure public safety.

Simple Installation

We offer fast and reliable CCTV installation services for homes and businesses. Our skilled technicians use the latest equipment to ensure efficient and hassle-free installation. We work with you to identify the best camera locations to meet your security needs. Ongoing maintenance and support is provided to keep your system up-to-date. Trust us for affordable and effective CCTV installation services.

Add smartphones as surveillance cameras on your network

Contribute turns any authorized device into a portable surveillance camera. Security personnel can stream live and upload recorded video directly to security management. Video is uploaded through the cloud to the same database used for surveillance cameras.

Camera to Cloud

"Camera to Cloud" means uploading camera footage to the cloud for easy access from anywhere with internet. This is useful for home security, photography, and videography. Cloud storage provides features like backup, remote access, and collaboration tools to make work more efficient. Adding this function to your toolkit is valuable regardless of expertise.


SC is all about trying out new ideas. We made some cameras that can connect to the cloud all by themselves, so you don't need anything extra like servers or other parts. These cameras can help you watch over the area around your building and the places where people can get in from far away, and you can do that better and faster.


Infra red lighting

Facial Recognition

Video Analytics

Real Time Alerts

Cloud Storage

Wireless Connectivity

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