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iPL is a leading provider of converged next-generation networks headquartered in Pune. We specialize in offering advanced multi-service access solutions that guarantee seamless integration between traditional access networks and next-generation network architecture.

Our company is uniquely positioned to provide high-performance network infrastructure that helps businesses create value and achieve success in today’s challenging global market. We offer integrated network and automation solutions engineered for carriers and optimized for end-users that deliver reliable and inviting user experiences throughout connected homes and properties.

iPL boasts a dedicated research and development team that has developed some of the industry’s most groundbreaking innovations in home automation and networking technologies. Our commitment to developing new triple-play IP-based solutions on a single architecture, operating system, and release train enables us to provide robust and secure networks to meet our customers’ demands without any compromise.

We are proud to be a trusted provider to wireline and wireless access integrators worldwide. Our leading-edge technology is time-tested and used by major telecom operators worldwide to build multi-services access networks and next-generation networks for various services and applications.

We offer innovative and reliable network operations to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Our company values its clients and is committed to providing top-quality network solutions and services. We have a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals who take pride in delivering the best possible results. Our solutions cover everything from network design and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. 

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Our Mission

iPL wants to be a leader in telecom in the country and provide affordable and trustworthy services to everyone.

Our Vision

Our goal today is to help people stay connected to their world no matter where they are, and we want to do it better than anyone else. We’re achieving this by developing new ways to help both individuals and companies, and by coming up with fresh ideas for how people can communicate and be entertained.

The internet has given us the world at our fingertips, but it's up to us to wisely navigate the endless sea of information and potential distractions.

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