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Broadband Internet

Our internet service provider offers reliable and High-Speed internet that is unparalleled in the industry.

iPL Home Broadband

We provide tailor-made internet solutions. Our SC HOME option is an excellent backup solution for your MPLS IP-VPN or DIA network. It’s also cost-effective for remote locations. We’re committed to providing seamless services to help you achieve your business goals.

Business Broadband

Consistent and dependable internet is crucial for small businesses and home offices. Business packages offer cost-effectiveness and increased security. Broadband is a suitable alternative for smaller businesses unable to afford Internet Leased Lines. However, business broadband plans offer advantages over home broadband plans.

Dedicated Lease line

SC Broadnet’s Dedicated Internet Access service offers up to 100 Gbps speeds with strong SLAs, perfectly tailored for online businesses. Get high-performance access anytime for your applications, content, and website, all backed by expert optimization. Stay ahead of the competition with this superior, reliable service.

Wireless Connectivity

Establishing a Wi-max or Wi-fi strategy accelerates your tech investment return. We provide integrated solutions for network design, upgrade, and expansion based on a proven delivery model. Our integration solutions ensure optimal communication network performance for your business.

Expanding Access to High-Speed Internet: Broadband Revolutionizes Connectivity Across the Nation

Ultra Reliable

Our network is 99.96% reliable, showing our commitment to reliable service for customers.

Lightning fast

We provide fast broadband speeds for seamless online use, including gaming, streaming, and communication.

Neverending data

Our network infrastructure provides reliable online connectivity with uninterrupted access to digital resources for browsing, streaming, and gaming.


Reliable infrastructure

Consumer focused

Proactive Monitoring

Quick Installation

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